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The story they tell…..

These forms tell a story that is far older than most of us. A story of storms, sunny days, and the irresistible decay of time. Most of the wood I harvest for my forms have come from trees fell of natural causes. They held their ground for decades and some for centuries, but now their natural beauty gets to be on display for you to appreciate, as pieces to be handed down from one generation to the next.

My work is not creative work, per se…. but rather a work of revelation. Of course many will differ as to how they understand how these trees came to be,…..did nature do the work from purely naturalistic causes, or did a creator of beauty direct and guide? I will not presume to answer that question for you but simply to help you understand what I, as an artist, am seeking to do with a medium that is inherently endued with so much beauty. My abilities lend themselves to forming a shape that pleasingly reveals the beauty behind the bark of a tree in a way that you, the collector, can appreciate and admire. To that end, I invite you to peruse the gallery and search for the piece, that tells you a story…….